News letter

The production of tools for Lampwork.

More and more people in our days are getting introduced to the art of Lampwork. Some of us are turning glass hobby into the life-passion and a full-time carrier. By mastering glass work skills sooner or later every artist is facing an acute shortage of convenient high quality tools.

master As a glass enthusiasts being fascinated with lampwork and glass fusing the problem of unavailable, highly qualified and affordable at the same time lampwork tools has occurred to us as well. This problem has led me to start to think about development and production of my own tools and instruments. Tools that would highly facilitate the glass work and help artisans achieve their most ambitious ideas and make their creative dreams to come true.

“Lampwork Tools” is the only company in Russia nowadays that is engaged in production of lampwork and fusing tools. Our tools have been developed based on our own unique techniques and designs that have no analogies anywhere in the world. Over few years our tools have been used, recognized and appreciated by Russian and international glass artists.

Being dedicated to only the best in glass tool industry we are very sensitive and flexible to new ideas and techniques in the world of glass. Paying attention to these changes allow us to innovate, improve and create more new unique tools that are able to satisfy mostly everyone’s taste and preferences.

We love and respect our customers and strive to fulfil their wishes regarding lampwork and fusing tools. We are open to your advice and critique about our brand in order to make it best of the best.

Sincerely yours,

CEO of “Lampwork Tools”- Sergey Skryagin